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We offer customized programs for leaders at all levels of the organization.


  • Supervisors who need to make the shift from doing all the work to guiding and directing the work of others

  • Managers who need to be better at coaching, mentoring, delegating and giving feedback

  • Business Leaders who need to think differently, embrace a more strategic view of the business, and engage teams in more provocative ways


We know that development requires a shift in mindset and skill set and that both are essential for sustainable growth and change. Whether a multi-day or modular approach, we create a learning lab environment where participants have opportunities to learn, experiment, iterate and grow. We’re not done when we leave the classroom or venue, we follow up with participants to ensure skill transfer back on the job.


Everything we do is tailored to your organization and culture. Let's chat and discuss your specific needs and how we can help.



We offer customized solutions for teams at all stages.

  • New teams that are forming and need to get results quickly

  • Established teams that need to increase trust, collaborate differently and perform better

  • Teams that are in trouble, experiencing in-fighting, or stuck in a rut


Most teams focus on what they are trying to accomplish and have little to no bandwidth left to focus on how they work together. That’s where we come in. We can take a team from any stage of maturity and facilitate a shift toward higher performance. It starts with a conversation with you to understand what’s happening. From there, we gather information from team members and stakeholders to develop and facilitate a customized team session that helps the team reach its potential.

Let's chat and discuss your specific needs and how we can help.



It's official - people now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish - 8 seconds! This means that when presenters share information they need to be engaging and connect with their audience. That's exactly what Tamayo's presentation programs help you do. We offer classroom-style sessions as well as one-on-one coaching. 


The Presentation Lab is a hands-on working session that has proven to help presenters create clear and audience-focused presentations. Participants come to the lab and experiment with new tools and insights for creating an engaging message.

We help participants architect a presentation using our research-based best practices. They have multiple opportunities to present and receive feedback throughout the day. 

Participants leave feeling confident in their ability to create and deliver presentations and with a new mindset around preparing to speak.

Let's chat and discuss your specific needs and how we can help

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